Flower Brooch Pin , Floral Brooch Pin

" Pins aren't just something you wear on your shirt anymore, you can jazz it up. Make it feminine make it your own," said Wendy Salazar, manager at Sam Moon.

The Queen Elizabeth and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, and other many hollywood stars proves that a brooch is timeless. More and More women like to wear brooches , specially the flower brooches .

Pear Flower Brooch Pin

Wear a decent dress, matched with a appropriate pearl flower brooches, will adding a finishing touch for your outfit ,and fully show off feminine graceful charm, graceful and glamour .

This Pearl floral brooch pin was strengthened with the appearance of three-dimensional layered sense of the noble woman wearing a unique personality and temperament.

This pearl flower brooch features a pearl centered asymmetric flower of 5 rhinestone paved petals. Hugh Stunning Rhinestone were used ,make the pearl flower brooch is very eyes-catching in the sunshine .

Resin Floral Brooch Pin

Layering is particularly effective when there is a notable contrast in the shade or texture of two overlapping objects.

I think the resin floral brooch pin is funky and would be a flattering look . curvaceous and sleek ,suitable for all occasions

The flower brooch feature a abstract flower design tie-in red resin. Dot dot outfit is dressed up lovely and moving you .

Flower Pendant Brooch

For a new take on the trend, try turning an eye-catching brooch pin into a ribbon pendant necklace. What you end up with is two lovely pieces of jewelry, essentially for the price of one.

Add Flower Pendant Brooch to the boring plain work outfit to create a brand new look that will be a chic finishing touch.


Heart Cocktail Ring , Paved Crystal Heart Stretch Ring Red

The heart rings have been keep popular for many years. Now, integration into classic style and modern fashion elements to fully blend, gives a lasting and fresh feeling .

The Paved Crystal Heart Dome Ring fully bring out chic and fresh feeling . Huge using fresh and brightly red , particularly captivating !

The heart shape is plump adorned with dozens of brightly red cz crystal will sparkle and shine as you move.

Boasting a puffed heart design, the Silver Plated Red Rhinestone Heart Stretch Ring offers stretch band to ensure an adjustable fit.

Bold and trend-setting,adding the red crystal heart cocktail ring  to your outfit ,immediately make you stands out in around .only usd5.95 from okajewelry.

Turquoise Beads Dome Ring Never Out Of Date

Dome rings have been fashionable for many years now. But a more streamlined and refined style is gaining favor. Most dome designs are adorned with Pave gems or the tracery of a pattern. Today , i will bring out a turquoise beads dome ring

This impressive High dome ring features a large center faux turquoise encrusted with crystal and turquoise beads that cover the rest of the dome.

The beaded dome ring is crafted in silver tone alloy with a stretch band for comfortable fit.

adding these fashion dome cocktail rings to mix and match with all the jewelry and clothing .only 5.95usd


Spartan Helmet Ring , Spartan Mask Ring

Do you remember the famous movie -" 300: The Complete Experience"

In 480 B.C. a state of war exists between Persia, led by King Xerxes, and Greece. At the Battle of Thermopylae, Leonidas, king of the Greek city state of Sparta, leads his badly outnumbered warriors against the massive Persian army. The Spartans are a fearless race of tenacious freedom fighters, their Persian army an endless ocean of blood-thirsty warriors. their sacrifice inspires all of Greece to unite against their common enemy.

The spartan helmet leave a deep enough impression ,and the memory is still fresh. This is a logo for Stephen's honor, duty, glory, brave and tenacious . i am looking forward some jewelry inspiration from spartan helmet . Today , i find it -- Spartan Helmet Ring

This helmet was typical of the Spartan Warriors, use firm the line processing of hard, Coming with unique hammered surface, crafted of antique gold plated alloy...

Rigid lines sketched out a man's masculinity and stalwart , also remind me of Stephen's duty, glory, brave and tenaciousness .

The Spartan helmet dressed up by sparkling rhinestone that adds some softness.

Hard straight line and rhinestone, bring out masculine and feminine spirit lives in harmony and presents a beauty of grandeur and urbanity .

I love it. Absolutely love the Spartan Mask Rings. only 4.95USD ,Amazing!!!


Circle Necklace | Crystal Circle Pendant Necklace

Circle Pendant Necklace is eternity fashion ,Since a circle has no ending and no beginning .it is considered a symbol of eternity. symbolizes never ending love or friendship.

In my many fashion jewelry collection ,the dazzling crystal circle pendant necklace is my Favorites .

The circle pendant paved with three rows shinning champange rhinestones. Crafted in 14k gold. you can see ,the circle pendant is thicker than most others .Specially,adopt elegant cambered surface design for the pendant's back . show off strong Metal texture !

This chic medallion rhinestones pendant necklace suspends from two trace black hue mixed gold tone chains securing with a lobster claw clasp.

This circle necklace is absolutely beautiful, with fine detail and excellent workmanship. Suitable for all occasions: a party event, yet simple enough to be worn with a t-shirt and jeans!

long Chain Length in 31 7/8 Inches. weight : 35g

I would recommend the circle necklace to anyone with a classic of beautiful things.only 12.95usd .


Rhinestone Deer Stretch Ring for christmas

The Christmas Festive is coming , which is a special time for family and friends. Jewelry, people always have a lot of craze and passion about it,around this time of year, many christmas fashion jewelry have been released,showing fully Christmas themed charms .

You can choose jewelry making as your special creative idea.  They are all can make this festival more memorable and enjoyable.

If you are considering buying jewelry as a holiday gift this year, we recommend some rhinestones deer strtch ring for the christmas.

Rhinestone Flower Stretch Deer Ring 

This animal cocktail ring features a highly polished deer head design adorned with shinning rhinestones forming a flower pattern.

Gold plated deer stretch ring and Srterling slive stretch ring are available .only 5.95usd

Cute Rhinestone Spotted Deer Stretch Ring

This animal motif Deer Stretch Ring features a cute spotted deer standing in elegance with sparkling rhinestones ornaments. Coming with a stretch band.bring a cute and lovely look !

Gold plated spotted deer stretch ring and Srterling slive spotted stretch ring are available.only 5.95usd.