Heart Jewelry - eternal style

Find jewelry with eternal style? Heart jewelry has been popular for many seasons .The heart shape jewelry has held significance for love, the heart jewelry itself usually has a sought-after emotion, and with the attraction of glamour and sophistication. The heart jewelry remains a favorite fine jewelry and fashion jewelry option among women of all ages

Heart Lockets

The gold heart locket was the most popular, often called memento lockets or keepsake lockets. The wearer could store a keepsake be it a scrap of paper, a photo, a lock of hair, or even (more recently) cremation ashes.

Heart cocktail rings

Heart cocktail rings are funky and bold. Vintage cocktail rings with gemstone hearts are both romantic and in vogue. Heart rings are perfect romantic jewelry gifts. Consider giving a promise ring with trendy heart designs on your relationship anniversary.

Heart Claddagh ring

One of the most common heart rings is the Claddagh ring. Hailing from the village of Claddagh in Ireland, this traditional ring can be given between friends, those in relationships, and is even sometimes used as an engagement ring or wedding band.

Heart Earrings

Heart earrings are a popular gift item . The range of materials is enormous,with heart earrings existing in nearly any metal, and set with nearly any gemstone. The most popular setting is simple yellow gold /sliver adorned with either heart diamond /gemstone cut or pearl.

Heart charm bracelets

Charm bracelets never go out of style. Heart charms on bracelets are very common. Many fine jewelry charm bracelets have heart charms on their toggle clasps. Other designer jewelry charm bracelets are covered in heart charms of all shapes and sizes.

Heart Pendant Necklace

Heart pendant necklaces have exploded in popularity recently. The heart pendant necklaces have stayed in a lane of its own constantly being re-inventing and getting more and more creative with time. With the variety of styles, sizes, textures, material and colors they come in, a heart pendant necklace can add flair to your outfit or perhaps be the finishing touch.

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Flower earrings and hollywood stars

As you know flowers are a real hit in fashion trend , Tops, pants, blazers, skirts, and of course accessories, are taken to the max in this 'Flower Power' inspired fashion trend.

And jewelry is one important aspect. Many jewelry designers are interested in using flowers as the theme. We can notice many jewelry are designed or created by using flowers as the prototype.

Nowadays, flower earrings are accepted by many people and even lead a trend in the fashion world. It often appears in some international fashion shows which worn by super models to match their gorgeous attires.

Jennifer Garner with flower stud earring in Toronto Film Festival (tiff) 2012

keira knightley wear sparkling cz stud flower earrings in tiff (toronto international film festival) 2012

olivia munn in gq men of the year awards ,the multi flower dangle earring add flair to your outfit or perhaps be the finishing touch.
demi lovato in mtv video musi cawards, the sparkling flower stud earrings easily catch people's eyes.

It is also a smart idea to send flower earrings to ladies. If you are not sure to choose what kind of style. I'll introduce two fashion flower earrings as your reference.

Cats Eye Filigree Flower Stud Earrings

The cute flower stud earrings feature a rose filigreed goldtone metal round the wrapping a round aquqmarine cats eye stone.Set in 14K plated gold, these Rose Flower Earrings is secured with push back clasps.
Aquqmarine flowers are the prominent element for its popularity. The  aquqmarine  color can express a lovely feeling which is suitable for young girls.

Goldtone Pearl Flower Round Post Earring

The post earrins feature six cluster cats eye surrounded by marcasite details forming an adorable floral design.Opulent twinkling crystals and beads crafted in 14k gold complete the stunning look and add an air of classic elegance.

Goldtone Crystal Cluster Flower Round Stud Earring

The post stud earring features a crystals cluster flower in shades of white and light peach centered in a round stud earring. The round flower post earring crafted of 14K gold plated and secure with push back clasps.


Owl Jewelry | Hottest Animal Jewelry

The owl jewelry trend is one that began in winter 2009 with a subtle start but made a big splash in fashion trends all around the world in autumn and winter 2010 and early 2011. While most trends fade out very quickly,owl jewelry is one of the hottest trends among all animal patterns . And its popular is not just simply because of its fashion look, but also because its rich symbolic meaning, such as protection, mysticism, wisdom and secrets.

The owl jewelry trend is such a cute, quirky and interesting fashion jewelry trend which seems will never fade out. Owl jewelry trend can be adopted in all kinds of jewelry, from little cute rings to a bulky large necklace.

Here's bringing you a collection of my favorite Owl pieces from different labels.

Antique Gold Rhinestone Owl Stretch Cuff Bracelet

Vintage Gold Owl Pendant Necklace

Crystal Owl Brooch Pin & Pendant

Owl Stretch Rings