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The owl jewelry trend is one that began in winter 2009 with a subtle start but made a big splash in fashion trends all around the world in autumn and winter 2010 and early 2011. While most trends fade out very quickly,owl jewelry is one of the hottest trends among all animal patterns . And its popular is not just simply because of its fashion look, but also because its rich symbolic meaning, such as protection, mysticism, wisdom and secrets.

The owl jewelry trend is such a cute, quirky and interesting fashion jewelry trend which seems will never fade out. Owl jewelry trend can be adopted in all kinds of jewelry, from little cute rings to a bulky large necklace.

Here's bringing you a collection of my favorite Owl pieces from different labels.

Antique Gold Rhinestone Owl Stretch Cuff Bracelet

Vintage Gold Owl Pendant Necklace

Crystal Owl Brooch Pin & Pendant

Owl Stretch Rings

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