Types Of Necklace By Length

ok,ladies! Today's post will focus on the different types of necklaces and how to choose the perfect one for your neckline. Necklaces come in six lengths which are collar, choker, princess, matinee, opera and rope/lariats. The length of each necklace depends on where it falls on your chest. In general, longer lengths accentuate bust while shorter lengths accentuate the neckline.

Collar ( 12" to 13" )
Worn tight and high up on the neck. Typically mutli-strand

Choker ( 14" to 16" )
Worn tight around the neck, but lower down just above the collar bone. Typical single strand
Princess ( 17" to 19" )
Worn just below the collar bone. Great with pendants. Most popular length.

Matinee (20" to 24" )
Worn down to the breast bone. Versatile for casual or business
Opera ( 25" to 34" )
Worn in many ways, for dramatic effect. Can be simplified by double loop around neck for more elegant look
Rope ( 35" – 45" )
Worn in various ways, usually knotted in front or multiple loops around neck. Also worn as a multi-strand bracelet
Lariat ( over 45" )
Worn with multiple knots in front or multiple loop around the neck, or a combination

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source from : okajewelry

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