Fashion Eiffle Town Earphone Plug / headphone Jack

This Earphone Plug / Headphone Jack protects any 3.5mm earphone jack away from dust. iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPad/iPad 2 / The New iPad / iPod Nano / Touch / Classic, Samsung Galaxy S2 / Galaxy Note, Htc Desire........etc.

The Earphone Plug are totally hand-made. Specialy inlaid a Swarovski diamond on the head of Earphone Stopper . sparking when under sunshing .

The Earphone Plug add more unique design elements : a beautiful cloth flower with diameter 3cm ; a fashion gold Eiffel Tower (3cm long ) and a classic tassels (3.8cm Long). show more feminine fashion elements,evolve more thing to watch ,creat a rich image of the earphone Plug. Whether it is with a strong oriental culture.

Also there are there color earphone plug for choosing : pink & dark green & orange

On Ebay , you can find that most earphone Plug's price is over 8.00 usd ,even more than 10.00usd . but but ….. this cute& lovely earphone plug is just selling at 5.99USD per one,17.97 usd (with free shipping) for 3pcs at OKAJewelry store

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