Apple shapped 3.5mm Earphone Anti Dust Plug Stopper

Don’t let harmful dust, dirt, and other foreign particles invade your phone! They can disrupt signals and affect your phone’s performance. Plug up those uncovered ports with a little of style!

The Apple design Earphone dust proof plug stopper is a perfect choice for phones with standard 3.5mm headphone jack. It’s easy to install and remove. Plus it makes your phone look amazing! Carry your iPhone 4S, iPad 3 in confidence with Dust Cap Pendant Jewelry!

The adorable 3.5mm Earphone Jack Dust Plug Stopper designed a bite of apple embellished by shunning clear rhinestones. Stylish peridot marquise leaf design is complemented with rhinestones to add an air of glamour.
This Headphone dust proof plug stopper can effectively prevent the dust,dirt and other forrign particles through the earphone jack to damaging your device.Unique cute apple style adds vitality and vigor to your beloved phone,also decorate your mood !
Four colors is available : Red, Orange, Green and White.

Main Material: Alloy, Rhinestone
Weight : 14.9g
Size : 20mm*20mm

Now ,Get the lovely 3.5mm Heardphone jack dut plug to personalize your niPhone 4/4S, iPad 3/ipad 2, iPod and Samsung Galaxy S2 / Galaxy Note,Htc Desire....,just need 3.95USD at Okajewelry.


  1. Hi, i would like to order the green colour. How much is it and can u ship to Singapore? Pls let me know. Email me at teppie37@gmail.com

  2. Adorable designer anti dust plug and product is under-budget too.