How To Choose Fashion Jewlery For The Beach

Summer is coming , Most of us have ditched our jeans for bikinis and headed to the beach. It's so easy to lose our sense of personal style while at the beach, so don't forget to add some jewelry to enhance your favorite colorful bikini and bring out the hues in your best smocked sundress.

The following are the some best Jewelry to Wear to the Beach !

Beaded bracelets and necklaces

Beaded jewelry is a trend that never goes out of style. It is generally affordable, and can withstand chlorine, salt water . so you're not risking much by wearing it in the water. Beads are also usually very colorful, making them ideal for bright, sunny days. It's fun and trendy to layer beaded jewelry to make your own fashion statement .

Shells, rocks and glass:

The other big trend for summer is a natural, earthy look. Materials like Shells, rocks and glass are growing in popularity, and will spill into the summer season. Shells, rocks and glass are the right choices! The idea is to imitate elements found in nature.

Both natural and sculpted shells appear on fabulous necklaces, bracelets and earrings in a range of hues. Rocks make perfect decorations for bold rings and chunky bracelets. Recycled glass can be found in many different hues on chandelier earrings, bangles and band rings.

Acrylic Necklace And Bracelets

The color is especially great for the beach season. Acrylic jewelry combination of the Neon color elements , which biggest fashion trend 2013 . Different variations of the Neon color are present in many designers accessorized their Spring/Summer 2013 collections acrylic jewelry .

Big, fresh, bright, and whimsical, We have reasons to believe that acrylic necklace ,braclets trend will be popular in this summer !

Coral Bracelet and Neckalce

Whether your style tends toward fancy or funky, coral and Turquoise jewelry is a great summer accessory.

Bright red coral jewellery looks rather attractive as coral is naturally found in red and pink colors. Not just red but all of the bright ones look like a charm.

A coral colour is like a visual treat on a warm summer day. it conjures up images of the ocean, the orange and red tones make it a great, playful accessory option for summer. Here are some of my favorite finds.

Turquoise, a fresh color that can make anything, lively and full of positivity added with a splash of coral for excitement can add spice to any summer outfit.

Titanium and platinum

If you prefer metal jewelry, then choose high-quality pieces when going to the beach or a pool party. Sterling silver can change colors in salt water and chlorinated pools, so opt for gold, titanium and platinum necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings instead.Safe for the water.

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