Snake Wrap Around Necklace Make A Fashion Statement

2013 is recognized as the year of the snake , according to chinese zodiac calendar. Jeweller celebrate is with snake-inspired jewelry and accessories. 2013 the snake trend has already slithered into the collections of the hottest accessory designers .

Snake Jewelry is popping up everywhere .Our favorite Hollywood stars like Jessica Biel,Jaimie King, was also seen wearing a wrap around cobra style necklace.

Today, i will show off my favorite fashion snake wrap around necklace .

This extra-long gold snake necklace was made to wrap twice around the throat. Snake head and tail paved with sparkling crystals is sure to catch the light beautifully.

Coming with a clip under the snake head . Curl the snake once or twice around your neck, and secure it with the clip. Full length is in 37 inches .

Make a fashion statement by wrapping this amazing snake necklace around your neck.

Unique and standing out of the crowd, even Medusa needs to step aside!

I love her diamond snake-wrap necklace, which adds both edge and elegance to the look .

The snake-wrap necklace trend is sure to go with any look whether day or night. you can pair this sleek and sexy necklace with simple neutral colors like white, black or beige or you can have it add that extra pop to your attire.

The most exciting is its versatility, You can use it for bracelet , belt..

Okajewelry released other crystal snake wrap around necklace . Gold and Black are available .

Full length is in 26.38 inches ,also used clip instead of the Magnetic Tube Bar Clasp .

Who knew a snake could look so glamorous?  It is not secret that this is the "it" trend of the moment and is the reason why we are seeing it everywhere. The snake wrap around necklace will definitely add a fun flair to your wardrobe .

Buy the snake wrap necklace from okajewelry from 9.95usd -14.95usd

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