Michelle Obama Teach You How To Creatively Use Brooches

Most people agree that Michelle Obama has amazing style (or an amazing stylist). the first lady loves eclectic accessories. She's wearing them in unexpected ways that really shows her creativity .

She wears so many gorgeous accessories, including lots of different brooches and pins…And worth-imitating ways she wear brooch pins

Wear For Dress

Accentuate you bust lines by placing an attractive brooch at the bottom of the vee. Look for an ornamental brooch or pin to dress up a simple dress. You'll be amazed at the difference one piece can make!

Wear on the upper left of dress has always been considered a traditional way , but the style is timeless . highlight " conservative" style ,but meanwhile shows a woman's dignified, noble and elegant .

Some time ,Michelle Obama wear on the upper right of dress

Wear For Coat

Brooches give style to any wardrobe and are very versatile. You get a fantastic look wearing it in a blazer or coat,  can spice up a boring jacket or coat .Fully show off Mrs. Obama's conservative-yet-chic style .


Close a cardigan

Michelle Obama  use a beautiful brooch to add elegance to fasten a cardigan .  A brooch is a chic piece refresh and add a bit of glamour to the simple  knitwears .

Here , Michelle Obama close a cardigan with a bold design   A subtle detail such as this, Add an instant novel, fresh, modern touch to your outfit by applying a chic brooch.

Button your shirt up to the top, and wear a large brooch at the collar.add a touch of sparkle at the neck.

Wear Brooches into a cluster

Michelle Obama make a good use of the big , classic flower brooches . Wearing two or three brooches can be very chic and just right, dress up a boring outfit and provide a perfect splash of sparkle.

I'm especially enamored of the look of wearing brooches in cluster that are an exact match except as to color.

Add charm to a necklace.

Michelle Obama subtly attach a diamond flower brooch  to pin on white pearl necklaces. Fully revealing a woman's femininity  , elegance and beauty .

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