How To Make Collared Necklace DIY Tutorials

Previously, we talk about Peter Pan Collar Necklace . Today candy is here to share some tutorial show you how to make a fashion collar necklace .

DIY Pearl Peter Pan Collar Necklace

I think this is more classic among Peter Pan Collar necklace . Fashionable cut and white pearl decorated to fit your pretty little neck, your fair lady quality exhibited completely which add to your charm

we found a fun do-it-yourself project for a classy pearl collar, which is a very trendy necklace look right now.

image from : stylehive

Leather Peter Pan Collar Necklace DIY

Take lightweight leather, cut your collar template (use pinking shears for the curved parts), connect the middle using ribbons tied in bows . Please follow the picture and learn how to make a beautiful leather Peter Pan collar necklace!

image from abeautifulmess.com

DIY Shirt / Collar Necklace

I believe many women really enjoy taking something that would normally end up in the worn out cloths and make it into a beautiful and fashion something ,using our innate creativity to uplift and improve outfit

The tutorials below teach you how to make a worn out Collar into beautiful Collar Necklace . They're really easy to do and take no time at all. Take a sneak peek below to see how it's done!

Photo source :randomlyhappyblog.com

This is a really versatile accessory. You can wear it with a sweater for a layered look or with a tank or camisole as more of a necklace.

photo source :trinketsinbloom

We love the shirt collar trend here ,Why not to try it by yourselves! They’re really easy to do .

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